• July 24, 2015

    Good People, no Great People!

    I photograph mostly “commercial” buildings in my line of work, and have not photographed occupied homes since my early days (8 years ago) of shooting Real Estate. There are a lot of challenges to shooting commercial buildings, but I think a bigger challenge is photographing someone's home while they are living in it. This is not just a place they work, this is a family's sanctuary. Sometimes furniture gets moved, and extra burdensome accommodations have to be made. It's easy to feel you're disrupting someones home. But the homeowner's on this shoot were some of the nicest most accommodating people I have ever met in my life. These are great people! These shots are from a recent shoot for All Weather Architectural Aluminum.

  • May 05, 2015

    The Middle Class

    A few weeks back I was selected to shoot for the Whitney Ranch Development in Rocklin, CA. It turned out to be more of a lifestyle shoot than an architectural one. And as I reflect on this shoot I realize that I was doing more than just commercial photography. I was documenting something special. The community is not that old and neither are the family’s that live there. This budding community is those family’s place to make family memories, and acquire new traditions. It was a great glimpse at what today’s middle-class feels like. These photos are good now, but in 30 or even 50 years they will be priceless.

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