• September 24, 2014

    The Best Project of 2014

    Jesuit High School Chapel

    There are no bad photographs that could be taken of this project!
    This Chapel is one phenomenal place!

    I just completed shooting what has to be the best project of the year. I’ll be posting more very cool architectural images in the following weeks. This is a Chapel in Carmichael CA. It’s located on the Jesuit High School Campus and was built by Swinerton Builders designed by HplusF Architects. This is an architectural photographers dream project. There is just no bad angles on this structure. In fact, anyone who simply loves photography (no need to be a pro) could grab really fun shots. That said the Church is on a closed campus so shooting it without permission could get you in trespassing trouble, but man oh man I could have spent 3 days here and still not get every angle! I might just have to become Catholic to shoot it again!

  • September 11, 2014

    Stuck in one perspective

    Interior of Bridge District Home

    To make images like this the lines in the room have to be clean and the subject matter interesting and staged professionally. I was lucky to walk in on such a well set up space!

    A couple years back after looking at my “best of images” I realized that a predictable pattern was forming especially in my interiors. And although it works well for my clients (don’t fix it, if it’s not broken), I’ve wanted to mix it up for some time. So I really started to look at other styles of shooting, and I found a style that seemed so opposite from mine. I guess it’s alway kinda been out there. It’s more of a still life approach. The dissection of room and it’s elements composed in an image. Lots of home furnishing catalogs use this approach. Using more standard focal lengths and/or a 1x1 crop on sections of the room is the best way to describe it. We viewers don’t always need to see walls and windows to get a feel of space. So my break came yesterday while shooting an interior so I took it. And I have to say, it was fun to make this image.

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